The community of Saron was greeted with the joyous sounds of workers singing and the loud sounds of horns of trucks and tractors on the morning of 18 October. This was the start of the annual Fun Day of Lushof Farm. It was obvious that all the workers were excited about this event and that they prepared well – tractors were decorated in the respective team colours as were the different teams who were ready to compete at the community sports field.

The convoy of farm vehicles, escorted by the local police, moved slowly through the town and caused a positive stir which resulted in residents coming out of their homes to join in the excitement. It was encouraging to witness the vocal interaction between the workers and the community members, confirming the positive influence the farm has on its local community.

At the sports field, the different teams positioned themselves for the best view next to the field, where the competitions were to take place. The representatives of the different teams were psyched up to give their best and contribute to their team being the overall winner on the day. Workers had great fun and participated in dance exhibitions by team representatives, ‘wheelbarrow’ and ‘3-legged’ races, a modelling competition as well as races for children.

Community members and students from the local schools joined the festivities later in the day. Lushof Farm proved that they are not only one of the main employers in Saron but that they also contribute to the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the town.