During the October holiday the Gorutha Centre at Bavaria Estate fulfill one of the biggest dreams of 35 farm children by taking them to the sea for the first time. The morning on arrival the children walked through the forest leading to the beach, when they saw the sand dunes and heard the waves they started running, shouted with joy, their excitement contagious running up the last dune and there was the Indian Ocean waiting for them. “Wow”! Some of the children simply stood still, amazed by the vast sea in front of them and others ran straight down to the water. The children went for a long walk on the beach and saw crabs and a whale for the first time. They played an environmental educational game, tried canoeing and had fun playing in a natural mud pool. So much in one day! Some children on the trip had never been outside their farms, so for them to experience all of this must have been very overwhelming.

Apart from going to the beach, the adventure-filled week includes visits to the Marine World Ushaka in Durban; the dolphin show during which the children saw dolphins jumping and dancing in formation; the children visited Zululand Science Centre in Richard’s Bay. They played a science game, went for a chemistry lesson, and talked about their futures at a career centre; enjoyed “free play” time at Wet n’Wild, a water world with a variety of slides and tubes.

~ Written by Fia Lööf, Bavaria Estates ~