A critical part of building capacity amongst Worker Committees is creating opportunities for them to apply the knowledge gained during the training and building experience with small but significant projects. Planning and delivering the Holiday Programme gave the Lushof committee such an opportunity and addressed an important need expressed by parents. Parents were concerned about the safety of their children during vacations because there were no structured and supervised activities on the farm in previous years. The committee’s credibility amongst the workers increased as they were seen to address this need successfully.

They recruited the services of a local teacher and involvedLushof Holiday Programme 3.docx.png 20-25 children over a 3 week period during the December school holidays. The teacher had the necessary relationship with the children as well as relevant experience thus contributing to the success of the programme . The children enjoyed a balanced programme of sport and cultural activities as well as learning necessary life skills in the process.

Workers / Parents were at peace while at work and ex-pressed their appreciation to the Commit-tee at the end of the programme. They re-quested that it should be repeated and more chil-dren should be involved, especially those who live in the nearby town. The committee members are proud of their first successful project, has grown in experience and confidence which is now being applied in their second project, namely the Crèche and Aftercare Centre. The sense of achievement they gained through this experience will stand them in good stead, even in a working environment.