Christina passed away on the 21st of April 2011. A very young 35 years old, untimely, unexpectedly. She was one of the most positive women on Naftali. No challenge was too big, no workload too heavy, no time to complete a task too inconvenient. Not a day went by without her contagious laugh ringing in the workplace.

She was a follower, but even a better leader. She loved being taught new skills, but she even loved it more to teach her co-workers new skills. She was dedicated, faithful, responsible and had a wonderful cooperative spirit. She could not hide her feelings. She hugged and kissed – she cried and fought. She would embrace a new project. She taught the community children how to knit; she trained them (even 4 year olds) to be drum majorettes; to play netball and to perform traditional dances at social events on Naftali. She enjoyed translating letters and assignments from English or Afrikaans to Tswana because she could adequately speak and write all 3 languages. If Surine (owner of Naftali Roses & Herbs) could not give a speech on herbs and roses at special events, Christina was more than willing to do it – and believe me, the audience enjoyed her more! She gave demonstrations on the TV on how to make a “Tussie Mussie” which herbs to use in food and how to start your own herb garden.

She had such a positive faith. She believed that one should never clip anybody’s wings – most of all not her children’s wings, Sylvia, Lorenzo and the twins (a mere 14 months when their mother passed away). She was loyal and supported us whenever big changes had to be made to adapt to changing circumstances – another challenge for her.

She was elected on the workers Committee, Waitrose committee and Fairtrade Joint Body. But being a leader, she was elected as the sub president of all the committees within months. She was later then elected president of the Waitrose and Workers Committee.

Christina Leatswe was a blessing for her family, the community and for us at the roses and herb venture on our farm, Naftali.

~ Written by Pieter Roos, Project Coordinator Rekopane Estate ~