Only a few people make an impact where they work or stay. Koos Goeieman, 56 years old, is one of them. He lives and works on Stellar Farming and his attendance to the ABET Programme made a mark of hope as he stood out above his fellow workers. Koos, who is originally from Williston in the Northern Cape, realised with his arrival at Stellar that there is a purpose for him on Stellar. Koos attended Primary school in Brandvlei for a very short period.

In 2009 he joined the ABET Level two class. He completed the modules for Afrikaans Literacy and Numeracy and could even work on the computer. Despite this he was unsuccessful in his final exams. This did not deter him, he enrolled himself for the 2011 Basic Literacy in Afrikaans and his progress is good.

He surprised his fellow workers by offering to read the Bible scripture at one of the morning sessions when the person responsible for the particular day did not turn up. Everyone held their breath as Koos was reading because they thought he is going to embarrass himself. Through this Koos earned the respect of his fellow workers and emphasised the value of ABET, which resulted in other workers starting show interest in the programme.

Koos is in charge of the Vegetable Garden. He is doing his own price calculations and keeps statistics of the highlights of the Vegetable Garden. He worked out a roster for planting the seeds in the different seasons.

~ Written by Berni Theys, Project Coordinator Stellar Farming ~