How sport and culture can contribute to social development.

The conference proved once again to be extremely valuable in its design and implementation. The process of worker selection and preparation still contributes to the development of individual committee members, as they are required to prepare presentations of their main community projects and their business cards for networking purposes at the conference.

The Future Factory demonstrated the value of exercise and how inexpensive methods can be used to involve children and adults in sport and cultural activities like dance. They focused strongly on large group activities which were valuable for most of the participants as they were looking for different ideas to the traditional sporting codes such as rugby, netball and soccer.

These traditional codes are well established on many farms already. Many appreciated the ideas of how to use soccer balls differently for fitness and fun activities, how to use balloons for group exercises and how to use simple dance moves to involve large groups.

They also reported that the conference theme demonstrated to them how to use their halls and/or open spaces for activities that can provide fun and enjoyment to their communities without being very costly.