The Auldearn piggery project started in November 2008, where it was identified as a sustainable project by the farm’s worker committee. At the moment the project has four hogs, with the workers involved being responsible for two pigs each. Currently one of the pigs is being hired out for breeding in return for one piglet from every sow that is covered and another pig is almost ready for sale at R13.50 per kg live weight.

Soon there will be the purchase of 5 sows with which to breed. These piglets will be raised and then sold. There are also plans in place to build two breeding pens during the upcoming school holidays.
There are five men involved in the project (Jan, Ronnie, Eden, Wikus & Jakobus). Jan Oliphant and Ronnie Daniels say “We are responsible for feeding the pigs every morning and every evening and the sties are kept clean and neat. It is quite a sight seeing our pigs, paws in the air, waiting for us to bring them food! To weigh the pig that we now want to sell we needed to use the digger loader – that’s how big he had gotten.

It has always been a dream of ours to farm with pigs we have just never had the finances to do so. The Waitrose Foundation has made this dream a reality for us and we are very grateful for this opportunity. We were all very sceptical in the beginning, wondering if the Waitrose Foundation was just another organization making empty promises. But now everyone in the community can see our pigs and they know their dreams can come true too. They just need to make it happen like we did. We are very proud of our pigs and ourselves and Waitrose”.

A great part of the profit of this project goes into a community fund for bursaries for scholars.

~ Jan Oliphant & Ronnie Daniels, Workers from the Auldearn Farm ~