Our vision is that the farm and the community should encourage subsistence farming and to make it a way of life. The protection of natural resources is of great importance so that the future generation can still have access to it and enjoy it.

The community started with a vegetable garden with the aim to provide the crèche and aftercare with fresh produce, for household use and to sell to generate extra income.

The children were involved in protecting the crop by making scarecrows to chase the birds away and ensure that the crops are not damaged in any way.

Tins, together with plastic lids and bags were used to create the face and cane to make the arms and legs. The children were very proud of their creation and at times have visited the scarecrows to make sure they are doing their job.

A recycling project was started and paper, glass, plastic and tins are collected. Through this the children attending the crèche and aftercare, together with their parents are educated about the importance of caring for our environment and the value of recycling as a source of generating income.

~ Nadia Jonker, Preschool and Afterschool Centre , Avondale ~