The Glass Recycling project is aimed at generating an income toimprove the lives of workers and their families of Bavaria community.

Glass iscollected by members from the community which they collect from the surrounding area. At this moment the glass is given to the project at no cost. The project intends to buy from the community for their direct benefit and we believe the environment will also benefit as a result of the recycling.

The project purchased a glass crusher with Foundation funds. The glass crusher is custom made for this purpose. The glass are sorted in the 3 main colours; green, brown and clear for processing through the machine. The crushed glass will be sold to Consol.

In the future this project will explore making glass bricks with the crushed glass. This will be in the 3 different colours and there is already a big market for this product.

~ Written by Nicola van Heerden, Project Coordinator, Bavaria Estate ~