The sewing project started in 2009, and has been up and running for 2 years now. The project is based on working education. The main outcome is to prepare unemployed people for jobs, and even starting their own businesses. There are currently 6 employees at the sewing project and they all are trained in sewing and job possibilities. The sewing project focuses mainly on Clothing Manufacturing of Overalls. We currently have 7 to 8 normal sewing machines, 6 to 7 over lockers and 4 industrial machines.

The project currently providing overalls for various farms in the Limpopo area as well as receiving orders from Bavaria Estate for overalls. The project is also targeting Lodges and Camps outside of Hoedspruit, where we provide them with cleaner’s outfits and spa-wear, aprons and barman’s outfits. The project will outsource some of the work to someone in Hoedspruit, when orders become too big.

~ Written by Nicola van Heerden, Project Coordinator, Bavaria Estate ~