The aim of this initiative was to engage school going children in constructive activities and help them discover new interests and talents. A facilitator was appointed to train the worker committee members and senior youth to design, deliver and manage the programme for the duration of the school holidays.

Activities included education and awareness about Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, team building exercises and traditional dances. The children painted T-shirts as well as old tyres which were planted at the school at an area that was earmarked and prepared by the community. An excursion to explore the surrounding nature was undertaken and ended with pasting a variety of leaves species discovered in the area.

The event planned for children resulted in many adults of the community getting involved and showing the children how to perform certain dances. The owner Dawid Niewoudt also showed his support of this initiative by arranging that all workers take leave during this period, making it possible for parents to get involved in fun and educational activities with their children. The programme also advanced the planning, facilitation and evaluation skills of the committee members who recently completed their Capacity Building Training sessions.

~ Written by Jaco Albertus, Facilitator ~