Nothing is impossible with the necessary dedication and sacrifice. This fact was obvious on Saturday, 24 March 2012 during the opening of the Cederpark Rugby Field on Ceder Fruit Farms in the ‘Koue Bokkeveld’ region. The sunny day with high temperatures created an atmosphere for young and old to enjoy themselves beyond their usual boundaries.

The sacrifice of the workers’ free time over the last year, to prepare the sports facility has now yielded a wonderful result. It must be said that the standard of the field can compete with the best in the Koue Bokkeveld region and possibly the Western Cape. It is for this reason that the workers could walk around with pride and dance, eat and enjoy the festivities of the day. The day was started with prayer and was followed with lots of fun. The level of participation was an indication that workers were set on enjoying the day.

The ‘egg eating’ competition was the first event and was won by Griffith from Bosrivier Farm. To eat 17 blue cooked eggs in a record time is quite an achievement. His occasional struggle to swallow the eggs was obvious to the spectators but his technique ensured that he won this event.

Nobody could beat Arrie Pedro in the pillow fights. He was the champion on the day. He quickly knocked his opponents down with his wonderful skill and judging by his forearms he must be a ‘pillow fighter’ of note.

Timberlea’s netball players were the victors in the netball competition beating the Bokkeveld Partners in a nail-biting match. Both teams displayed excellent play on the day and Timberlea managed to win the match in the dying moments. It was obvious to everybody that both teams have lots of talent to play the game.

The soccer competition was won by Bosrivier Farm. At first they outplayed Timberlea and then successfully dealt with Ceder Fruit too. They were well organised as a team and this is possibly one of the reasons they beat both opposing teams.

To see children enjoy themselves like we saw on the day will touch the chords of anybody’s heart. They were full of energy but the ‘Waterworm’ and the ‘Jumping Castles’ sapped some of that energy. They still had enough left to participate in a relay race which also entertained the crowd. We are glad that they could also enjoy themselves.

Another highlight of the event was the surprise visit of former Springboks Dughald Macdonald and Dale Santon. It was inspiring to see these former Springboks show our players some of the finer points of the game, motivate them and telling them that there is no excuse for them not becoming high achievers. The team also received a new set of jerseys. The expression on the faces of our players cannot be described and they genuinely appreciated what was given to them. They ‘destroyed’ Timberlea in the rugby match that followed. We must admit that it is a good feeling to win your first match on the field that you developed yourself and to do it in a new set of jerseys is a bonus. Father Christmas came early to the Ceder community.

The Ceder community would like to thank Giepie Coetzee and John Muller for their leadership in the process of developing the field. We also thank Johan van der Merwe (Nexus) for donating the Waterworm and Jumping Castles – it really had a positive impact on the children. Thank you to Waitrose Foundation for funding the project, as well as everybody who contributed to the success of the day.

~ Written by John Muller, Ceder Fruit Timberlea, ~