2011 saw the start and completion of two projects for the loyal staff on Clackmannen Farms. With the financial assistance of United Exports and The Waitrose Foundation, the 14 weekly boarders at the hostel received a brand new television set, with 10 channels to watch and chairs for their communal area.

The more important project, the building of an Aftercare centre for the children of the staff was well received by the parents and children alike. Both the employer and employees recognized the need for a facility providing a safe environment for the children to gather, play and study especially during rainy winter afternoons and the long summer days during harvest time.

The Aftercare centre was completed in three months and has been open since the end of July. At present we have ten children attending the centre with ages ranging from seven to sixteen. It is heart-warming to see how much they are all enjoying having this facility at their disposal. We have a wonderful lady, Maritsa Robertson who helps them with their homework and does small weekly projects with them. Each child has a scrapbook filled with their pictures and writing, and the walls are already covered with their artwork. The Aftercare centre also has a small library with over two hundred books, numerous games and puzzles to choose from and a games table.

Our aim for 2012 is to purchase computers to encourage computer literacy for both children and adults and the female staff members have also put in a request for sewing machines and look forward to learning a new skill. We are looking forward to completing many more projects in the future and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity that The Waitrose Foundation has afforded our staff.

~ Written by Amy Clack, Project Coordinator Clackmannen ~