Clackmannen Farms and all its staff celebrated their first Christmas at the After-care centre. We decided to host a end of year function during which the parents could come and view the progress the children have made. They could view all their books as well as their artwork that they had completed since July 2011.

The younger children sang some Christmas carols and the older girls entertained everybody with some dancing.This was all planned and choreographed by Laina Johannes and Liezel Emkie.

The Worker’s Committee decided that it would be a nice gesture to give each child a small gift and a light lunch as well as some cake.

Needless to say there were 75 very happy little children and everybody had a wonderful time. Koos Baadjies did a marvelous job as Father Christmas and the children really enjoyed every minute.Seeing that this was such a huge success, we are hoping to make this an annual event.

~ Written by Amy Clack, Project Coordinator, Clackmannen ~