To the financially literate people, managing debt and handling credit transactions is like taking a fresh breath when you wake up in the morning – it does not require effort at all. However, to a non-literate farm worker it is a real challenge. Earning a meagre wage which is just above the sectorial minimum wage as legislated by government predisposes many workers to a life of financial indebtedness. The debt and credit management training which was facilitated by Future Focus Management Services helped a lot of farm workers on Westfalia Fruit Estate farms acquire indispensable financial management skills.

The training was not just an ordinary training but it used practical techniques applicable to the farming community to illustrate possible ways of saving money and exploiting SMME opportunities to generate supplementary income.
Positive feedback was received from the workers who had garnishee orders and some were blacklisted. Some confessed that they thought if they changed banking details, relocated and changed contact details they were getting away from their debts but only to discover that they were finally traced.

The most beneficial part of the training was to see participants being able to draw up a budget and plan their expenditure on a month to month basis.

~ Written by Dorcus Molomo , Project Coordinator, Westfalia ~