Ebenaeser’s crèche is in full swing and currently employs 2 staff members who care for 13 children. During the period of November 2011 to January 2012 the number of children increased to 24 and 3 staff members provided the necessary care. Two of the staff members were trained in First Aid Level 1, during December 2011.

The care for the children includes providing breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks during the course of the day. Their nappies are also changed regularly.

Parents are very proud and they gave positive feedback about the crèche to date. This feedback reminds us of the value of the project as it contributes to the peace of mind and positive attitude amongst some of the workers whose children attend the crèche.

The pleasant and stimulating learning environment is already impacting on the children. This is obvious in their growing confidence in relating to one another and the caregivers, the development in their vocabulary and their interaction with the different toys/educational material in the crèche.

~ Written by Zandri Zaaiman, Project Coordinator, Ebenaeser ~