Knowledge is power and education is a necessary tool for empowerment.

Education enables us to develop as individuals, from the moment we are born we exercise the ability to absorb our surroundings and start the journey of maturing into the person we are today.

Without education, the process of development slows considerably and the ability to move forward with career paths lessens somewhat. The mind is such that we can be trained in whatever way desired, and move in different directions.

Education enables us to think and question things, and helps us to become good decision makers. Education achieves this by bringing knowledge from the external world, teaching us how to reason, and acquainting ourselves with the past history better equips us to make clearer judgements for the present. Whether you learn at school, at work, in evening classes or self-study – it all helps to shape us well and prepare us for new opportunities in life. With more skills and knowledge you can promote your opportunities at work, as you become more desirable to your employer.

~ Sam Cliff, Waitrose Foundation Placement Student ~