EMEP, standing for Extra Mural Educational Projects, is an NGO that works to develop the capacity of schools in poor and under-served areas to implement extra-murals. They work in partnership with the National Department of Education, WCED, Education Districts (East, South, Overberg and Cape Winelands), Department of Social Development, NGO’s and others.

EMEP has recently been on a Training for Transformation workshop and offered the same training free of charge to a group of Waitrose Foundation farm workers in the Western Cape. The training focuses on capacity building, with the exercises of self-reflection, communication and teamwork. This two day training programme was specifically designed for farm workers.

The Foundation team were present at the training, where the Naudeshof farm (De Doorns) kindly hosted the two day event involving 13 farm workers from 6 farms and the 2 EMEP facilitators Mark Brown and Priscilla Erasmus.

The training offered a lot, giving those involved the opportunity to self reflect, build on their aspirations, consider new ways of working with others and also delivered the importance of effective communication.

To break up the training components of the day, we were introduced to some African drumming, where we all held a beat and in turn created our own style of improvised drumming – much to the excitement of all.

All in all, EMEP offered something new to all those that attended the workshop and what they have learnt will in time be transferred to others at their respective farms. The farm workers will have gained: new skills, new angles in which to approach potentially challenging situations, self belief and importantly they should have left with a greater understanding about themselves and others around them.

A big thank you to you all for participating with such enthusiasm and a special thank you to EMEP for giving such a great training workshop as well as for donating HIV/Aids games to the farms who attended.