On a visit to the La Colline farm (Robertson, Western Cape) I met up with Frendaline Booysen and Jeanita Isaacs, where I found out a little bit more about the two students from the De Villiers Primary School.

An example to follow
Frendaline, once shy and with a low level of confidence has taken leaps and strides and has become quite the example at the De Villiers Primary School. The teachers at De Villiers Primary saw Frendaline’s potential, and at 13 years old she is now the head girl in her final year in Primary school, quite the role model for the other school children and for the children at the La Colline farm.
I asked Frendaline what it felt like to be head girl, and she told me “It feels good to be able to set an example – I always try hard at school and listen to my teachers – when children are naughty I have no problem in taking them to the principle”. I went on to ask Frendaline a little bit more about life at school, and I learnt of her passion for learning, as she says “English and Maths are my favourite subjects, I love numbers and I think English will give me opportunities in the future”.
Growing in confidence, Frendaline takes a place on centre stage in the school concerts, and says “it is great to be on stage, I love speaking in front of people and I was acting in the role of a bank teller at the last school concert in April (2009) ”.
Jeanita Isaacs (13) also attends the De Villiers Primary and told me that “Maths and Life orientation are my favourite subjects. I really enjoy learning about life and healthy living and enjoy working with numbers in Maths classes.