20150727_150431 (3)Belita Humphries
Belita is an Aftercare facilitator at Denau, a farm in the Hex Valley, since 2012. She always strives to improve herself and therefore welcomed the opportunity given to her by farm management when they enrolled her at the International Leadership Academy, 1- 5 June 2015, for a leadership course. At first she was extremely excited to do the course, however she became apprehensive when she heard that the course was presented in English and the content was equivalent to matric. Her self-confidence plummeted because she only completed Grade 7, but her colleagues encouraged her and she attended despite her own misgivings. The fact that other attendees were young and had a higher academic qualification, did not intimidate Belita, but rather motivated her to succeed .The course ended with a written examination where she achieved 80% and the average of the group was 75%. During the June school holidays she was chosen to represent De Doorns at a youth camp in Kroonstad, Free State. There she gained experience on how to implement the theoretical knowledge and saw the difference it can make in the lives of young people. She will now play a pivotal role in planning and implementing development sessions for the young people of Denau farm and the broader community. Benita’s achievement is an inspiration to all of us and demonstrates the value that Aftercare facilitators can add to their own community.