The Trudie Conradie Gemeenskapsentrum (community centre) had an official opening of the crèche on the 1st May 2009, and there were as many as 160 people in attendance to witness this special day. The community centre, where the crèche is housed was named by the farm workers in remembrance of the late Mrs Trudie Conradie, mother of the owner De Wet Conradie.

Guest speakers of the day included: Mayor of the Cape Winelands District Municipality, Western Cape, Mr. Clarence Johnson, Faith Brown, Waitrose Foundation General Manager and Mr. Botha from Cape Winelands District Municipality Health and Welfare. The opening of the crèche is the first area to be renovated in the Trudie Conradie Community Centre, where plans from the project ‘Hope for the Future’ will see the development of further projects such as a computer room, meeting room and a community hall.

The crèche has been proving a success already, with an average of 25 children in care, while mothers and fathers work at the farm. Vincent West, General Manager and the farm’s Project Coordinator says: “Many thanks for all involved in the crèche, and especially to Waitrose Foundation for their funding and assistance. The children are so relaxed and seem happy in their new crèche. They are happy when their parents drop them off.”