Along the Orange River a variety of Karsten projects are blooming. Excited committee members and the development officer appointed to oversee the implementation shares their joy with us.

The welding course has started and the men under mentorship of Irenaeus van der Merwe produced stands for pots and selling it on demand.

The men are geared to show off with their knowledge and skills in welding.

Women were taught sewing skills and under the mentorship of Tania van der Merwe, these ladies will in future do all mending to the overalls of the pack house staff.

They have been trained to prepare quotations on how to calculate cost.

The renovation at the Yarona building is complete and ready to use for a variety of functions.

The play park in Klein Pella is complete and children attending the crèche are currently enjoying the facility.

The soccerfield at Stofbakkies has been started. The layout of the field is done with levelling the soil and the installation of the irrigation system is in progress.

The progress of the community hall at Koeboeb is on track and one of these days the community will be able to use the facility.

The crèche at Kromhout is complete and the children, as well as the teachers enjoy the facility.

~ Written Veronica van Schalkwyk, Social Development Officer, Karsten ~