On 10 December 2011, the aftercare children of La Colline had an outing to beautiful Mosselbay. For many of the children it was their first time at the beach. As we left the farm early that morning, one could experience all the excitement and anticipation in the bus. We also had the opportunity to see another side of the children; a side that you don’t always see at the centre. One could truly see how caring and loving they are towards each other, which we don’t usually see on the farm or at the aftercare. This hugely contributed to a cheerful and “no-drama” day.

Our first stop in Mosselbay was “BLASTERS”, a family entertainment centre. There our little ones had the freedom to explore the massive indoor jungle gym. They had so much fun. The bigger ones took part in the adventurous “Glow in the Dark Put-put and some were brave enough to try out the roller-skating. We could all laugh together, as it was everyone’s first time to have roller-skates on their feet. A few got the hang of it, while others kept on falling down.

The staff of Blasters took good care of the La Colline aftercare group as they served breakfast and gave us a take-away lunch.

During our time at Blasters, a couple from England asked about the organization. We could briefly give them background about the group. They were so fascinated by the story and the cute little faces of the children that they decided to buy ice-cream for everyone. It was such a nice gesture from them.

After our time at Blasters, we left for the beach. You could hear all the WOW’s and the YOH”S and SJOE’s as we drove nearer to the beach. Everyone got themselves ready the moment we arrived at the beach. They had a total blast!
As we drove back home, they couldn’t stop talking about this outing. Even weeks thereafter they just couldn’t stop talking about Mosselbay and the loads of fun they had. It was for many of them a dream come true. Thank you Waitrose Foundation!

~ Written by Moira Daniels, Project Coordinator, La Colline ~