On Thursday, 24 November 2011 we had our annual End of Year Function at the Clive Beck Community Centre, just a few kilometres from La Colline. It was a lovely evening of music, dance, drama and socializing.

A special guest from the UK; Mary Vizoso, Faith Brown and Hilda Links from the Foundation attended the evening. It was a huge privilege for us to have them at our function as we know how hectic their schedule might be, they still took the time to support and witness the development and growth on the farm. In total 140 people attended this event; 30 guests, 40 children from the aftercare and 70 farm workers. The following projects took part in this event: Abet; Basic Literacy for Afrikaans and the Aftercare

Abet & Basic Literacy in Afrikaans for Adults performed 2 songs, which they sang whole heartedly. We had different dances from hip-hop, dancing with cloths (billows) and spiritual dancing. Everybody remembered their steps as practiced and had loads of fun while they entertained their family and friends.
For most of the children it was their first time performing on stage. We could see the excitement on their faces and the boldness they portray as they did all their items.

The dedication of each individual involved in the various projects contributes largely to the success of this evening. It is definitely a highlight on the calendar for those who attended this spectacular event. Waitrose Foundation and the owners of La Colline (Swiegers Broers) play a big part in the lives of our farm community. Their contributions, support and love for the people on the farm are appreciated through and through. All we can say is Thank you.

The impact of playing a musical instrument
Many of the kids on the farm are not academically very strong. Music is creative and enables children to express themselves through playing music. The project started in 2010 and is still running on the farm. The music group consist of 25 people at the moment. Amongst all the 25 people are 15 kids from the aftercare, 5 adults and 5 youth members. More people indicated that they are interested, so the project is definitely growing

Music training for instruments such as guitar, keyboard and drums are taught twice a week. The music students are more advanced now, because of the participant’s commitment and dedication. Theory and Practical sessions are part of the training programme.

The impact the project has on the lives of farm workers is that some adults are more enthusiastic and the dream of playing an instrument for all these years and now with the project running on the farm, it is like a dream come true.

One of the participants has been giving a lot of disciplinary problems in the past, but since he started playing drums, he’s whole attitude changed towards his academics and life.

Participants are proud of their achievement of mastering an instrument in only one year. All music students are combined and sound excellent together. They performed together last year at the End of Year function and made a good impression on the community of La Colline.

~ Written by Moira Daniels, Project Coordinator, La Colline ~