La Colline had an explosive weekend as they celebrated Youth day from 15 – 16 June 2012. The event kicked off with a Park Jam at the Panorama Fruits Park in Robertson where the Local Municipality closed the road and made it possible for us to present the program in the street.

The La Colline dancers mesmerized the audience with their “funky” dance moves and The Department of Sport and Cultural Affairs and Love life entertained the youngsters with activities and games. Our guest performers of the weekend performed one of their songs, just to give the people a sneak peak of the main event. It was definitely a fun filled day for the youth of La Colline and the Robertson Area.

On Saturday morning, 16 June, different workshops were presented such as music instruments, dancing, drama and rapping. It was a great learning experience as the youngsters could learn a new skill and could enjoy themselves amongst children of their peers.

The main event started the evening at 19h00. The La Colline Girls Band “rocked the stage” as they played the gospel hit single “Shackles” and other well known gospel songs. La Colline dancers also made another appearance by dancing their “hip hop mix”.

Soul Savers, our guest performers did the whole 2nd half of program and used the platform to encourage, enrich and entertain young people with their gift of music. This was a successful event and may become an annual event on the calendar of La Colline Community Organization.

Thank you Waitrose Foundation and Swiegers Broers!

~ Written by Moira Daniels, Project Coordinator, La Colline ~