The Waitrose Foundation (SA) has been active in communities on South African farms for almost seven years now. It was time to stop and take stock.

Looking back to move forward

Seven years after the Waitrose Foundation (SA) opened its doors in 2006; it was time to establish whether we actually achieved our objectives as initially envisaged by the founders of the Foundation. An independent assessment of the Foundation’s impact in target com-munities confirmed the excellent recognition the Foundation already earned amongst both workers and farm owners for its contribution.

However, the study also emphasized the need to accelerate our efforts and to introduce a more integrated and holistic approach to social development.

The Board of the Foundation there-fore towards the end of 2013 adopted a new strategy – Vision 2020 – to better align the Foundation with its original quest for prosperous, sustainable communities on member farms.

This strategy provides for increased capacity amongst worker commit-tees, increased significance in our choice of initiatives and improved living conditions for farm workers and their families, including those not living on the farms permanently.

Our aim remains to enhance the sustainability of the supply chain at its very source.