Phindi Phadi

Phindi Phadi is 19 years old, lives in a township community called Poortjie in Lenasia, Gauteng. She is not only keen to study for her own benefit but also as inspiration to other young people from her community. She chose the field of Human Resources because she loves working with people.

Phindi has enrolled for the National Certificate Course in Principles of Human Resource Management at Damelin College in Randfontein

Phindi has been elected as a member of Student Council. Congratulations to her!

Angela du Toit

Angela du Toit is 20 years old and lives in Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape. She developed a passion for offering people medical assistance when she attended training courses at the Academy for Emergency Training. She successfully completed courses in First Aid and is a registered Basic Ambulance Assistant. She naturally chose the field of nursing for her further studies.

Angela Toit has enrolled for the Nursing Diploma Course at Lilitha College in East London.

Phindi and Angela had to apply great determination and perseverance to get into their respective colleges because their applications to different colleges/universities were plagued with disappointments and delays. Everybody that was involved in supporting them was relieved and excited when they finally enrolled. Their experience proved once again that teamwork is necessary for success. They had different family members and project coordinators from their farms, involved in liaison work between themselves, the colleges and the Foundation.

~ Written by Raymond Engelbrecht, Waitrose Foundation ~