Starting early on a Saturday morning the team went out scavenging for scrap metal. One of the farmers had contacted Golden Frontiers with some scrap that could be collected, and with no further ado the scrap were collected. Getting scrap is a problem. People will rather sell the metal for the financial gain rather than donating the metal. At the moment businesses are targeted to buy scrap to help us with a very cheap rate in order for the project to develop and grow.

With the scrap they picked up the team started making the most simple and easy little things that people can use in their households. Items made includes: a metal owl for the garden; scrap rods and old tyre rims were used to create a braai stand; tripods to put over the fire so that pots will not be standing in the fire and candle holders. This is a little more child safe with the pin to hold the candles in place and the esthetics it looks a little better than just a candle on the table.

~ Written by Louise Jones, Project Coordinator, Golden Frontiers Citrus ~