Teenagers often become bored during school holidays.  Many are innocently idle while some invent their own games/activities (often in the vineyards and/or orchards) and a small percentage experiment  with alcohol and drugs.  The Waitrose Foundation encourages the expansion of sport and recreation activities to minimize the above mention risk and maximize development opportunities with children/youth who have the time, facilities and the support of their parents as well as farm management.

An  informal survey confirmed that there are sufficient interest to justify the investment of Thabo Tyholweni (Intern at Waitrose Foundation) in the design and delivery of Soccer Coaching Sessions on interested farms.  The coaching is focused on technical as well as Life Skills lessons and it takes place during the June and September school holidays


With the help of Quinton Apollis who’s a current student at the University of Stellenbosch we managed to initiate our first Soccer Coaching session at Remhoogte farm in Grabouw. We had a total number of 11 children who participated in a one and half hour session. The session consisted of basic soccer training routines which all were linked to important life skills lesson.  The soccer training exercises/drills that were presented, challenged the children to use their communication skills, listening skills and each individual’s ability to work in a team. 

They were also taught basic soccer skills like how to pass a ball, how to take a free kick, etc. and the rules of the game of football were shared with those who participated.  The feedback we got from those who participate was so positive that they requested another session during the upcoming school holidays.





On the 12th of July, 2016 we held our 2nd Soccer Training Clinic at Crookes Brothers Farm in Grabouw.  A total of 26 children/youth ranging from 6 to 20 years attended.  The children/youth enjoyed the session so much that it had to be extended to two and half hours.





The Soccer Training Clinic later that day moved to Applethwaite, were we had a total of 13 promising young footballers. Due to bad weather the duration of the Soccer coaching session wasn’t as long as it was planned.





On the 6th of October, we added Lorenzo Faro to the Coaching team who has a SAFA certificate in coaching.  We facilitated  another successful event at Monteith.  A Total of 26 attended which in the group included boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 20 years old.


The Soccer Coaching activities demonstrated to participating farms how their sport and recreation programmes can be expanded to involve more children/youth to:

  • enhance the development of technical and Life Skills
  • create opportunities for partnerships with government departments and;
  • increase the knowledge of participating coaches and government department representatives regarding the work of the Foundation.