Current Projects

Haygrove Heaven

  • Sport and Recreational Activities – Construction of a soccer field where workers can practice and participate in soccer games. Providing soccer gear and transport of workers to participate in a variety of games.
  • Tunnel Horticulture and Leadership Training -The role of supervisors in the success of any agricultural enterprise cannot be emphasised enough. They provide the bridge between management and the workers to fulfil the required activities from growing to harvesting to packing.It is proposed to embark on a supervisors training programme that encompasses the theory and the practical applications of being a good supervisor to the benefit of their employees, themselves and the company.

Blue Mountain Berries

  • Community Centre Equipment -Blue Mountain Berries built a community centre with a trust office and training facility. The project aims to equip the facility to function as a training centre and to address the educational needs of the workers. The facility will also serve as a place where workers will come together in a relaxed environment for recreational activities.


  • Sport Project – Sport on Dreammaker is encouraged and supported because it gives workers an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves with activities of their choice. Buying the kit for the rugby, soccer and netball teams will also build pride amongst the workers and support different cultural groups. 50 – 60 workers will benefit directly for this project while other workers and children enjoy the matches over weekends.CAMI Dreammaker
  • Play parks – Parents/Workers of the 2 farming units realised that their children do not have play facilities that can develop their motor skills and that can help focus their play in a given area. Children are currently moving/playing freely on the farm, which is risky. This project is also the 1st step towards establishing community parks where children can play while adults relax on benches or under trees. 20 – 30 children will benefit from this project.
  • Créche and Aftercare – The development of our 20 – 25 children is important and we therefore want to increase our investment in their care and education. Increasing the capacity of the staff will improve teacher-learner ratio and have a positive impact on teaching and learning.  Acquiring the necessary equipment and appliances will create a more learning  environment for facilitators and children.



  • Créche – This program is aimed to build the capacity of the crèche teacher at Lushof, improving her teaching and centre management skills. Her training will benefit 20 – 25 children and is part of the preparation of the new crèche building that will be built soon. The location of the training also provides networking opportunities for possible future benefit.

Past Projects

Haygrove Heaven

  • Computer and Literacy Skills – The majority of workers at Haygrove in South Africa do not speak English as their first language and they wish to improve their ability to communicate with all Haygrove staff (and indeed the wider world). It is proposed to provide as many workers as possible with English language and basic computer lessons. Attached to this is the recognition that computer literacy will enhance their chances of progress and enjoyment of being able to participate in the modern technological environment. 60 people to receive basic computer lessons and 50 people to receive English lessons.
  • Capacity Building – The project aim is to develop the capacity of a group of 10 who represent the majority of workers. They could not attend the capacity building training as arranged by the Foundation in Hermanus due to operational requirements at the time. The group will function as the Waitrose Foundation committee and will fulfil the roles and responsibilities as committee members to ensure the needs of the workforce are prioritise and aligned to social development projects.

Lushof Berries

  • Holiday Progamme – The holiday programme will occupy the workers’ children and offer them structured/exciting activities. The facilitator will work with 2 groups namely 50 Grade 4 – 7 and 25 Grade R – 3 children. The programme will include gardening, teambuilding exercises, informative sessions etc and ensure that the diverse needs/interests of the children are met.