Current Projects


  • Crèche – The crèche aims to provide a safe environment for working parents. The facility is registered with the Department of Social Development. Early Childhood Development services will be rendered to the children of the farm workers. Children will be provided with a hygienic safe and well ventilated environment. The staff at the crèche will look after the children, cook their meals and provide educational stimulation. The crèche follows a structured educational daily program.
  • Sport and Recreational Activities – To provide a range of sport and recreational activities for workers and youth to participate in events, providing social alternatives to the influence of substance abuse.



  • Lushof Education Centre-
    Early Childhood Development for children of farmworkers.



Mon Don

  • Day Care Centre – The care and education of 10 – 15 children is a priority for the workers and farm management. The facility will provide a safe and pleasant learning environment for the children, give parents peace of mind while at work and encourage parents towards improved productivity and involvement in other projects. During May 2015 they also received computers and therefore is part of the CAMI Educational Programme.

Saratoga Fruit Estate

  • Soccer kits for 15 players. The project encouraged and support constructive and competitive sports that can contribute to personal and professional development of participants and their families. 


  • Youth Soccer –  Funds were used to purchase necessary training equipment, kits, transport to matches and 2-3 coaching clinics. The project will support the existing interest amongst youth / young adults to be involved in sport over weekends. The youth will pay monthly subscriptions and do fundrasing for the shortfall and for future sustainability.
  • Bosrivier Media Centre  – Renovation of the Media Centre led to much excitement for the children. The centre provides space for completing their homework, computers and a boardroom for meetings.

Bosrivier Nasorg kinders


Past Projects


  • Equipping of Community Centre – The community identified the need to equip our community centre and sports field. We also identified the need for good quality educational toys and equipment for our crèche and cutlery for the community centre for when we have functions. Everyone in the community will benefit from this – parents and children. (approximately 100 people, including children.)
  • Capacity Building for Community – There are about 80 men and women in the Avondale community. The main objective is to build the self confidence of the men and women and also educate them regarding financials planning and how to run meetings and committees. Firstly the “Adult Man” and “100% Women Seminars” will address the lack of self confidence. This has always been a big problem in our farming communities. The financial planning seminar will teach each family unit how to budget and run their finances. The seminar regarding training of the sub-committees will provide them with the skills and knowledge on how to run meetings and committees in order for them be more efficient as sub-committees.
  • Woodwork – To train members of the community in woodwork skills with the aims in future to generate income or for household use.


  • Hoeko Soccer Team – To give the youth players access to soccer gear as members of Hoeko Superstar Soccer Club.


  • Sewing Project – The sewing project will empower between 6 – 10 women through relevant skills development programmes. This will create an opportunity to possibly develop the project into an income generating project in future.
  • Multi purpose/Aftercare Centre – To establish an aftercare facility for all the children on the farm. Including a library and access to some computers. Would also like to include some form of entertainment for all to enjoy such as table tennis or a pool table.
  • Television set for Seasonal Workers – We have 12 men from Ceres that work for us during the week and go home to their wives and children on the weekend. All other staff has televisions and we would like to provide them with a television and some chairs.
  • Aftercare Year End Presentation – The worker committee would like to host an end of the year function during which the progress of the last 6 months is discussed and all the children’s artwork and writing can be displayed. We decided to include both the seasonal workers as well as the permanent staff and all their children. We feel this provides an opportunity to show how the after care centre has benefitted the children on the farm. As part of this project we would like to provide each child with a small present and light meal. There will be approximately 75 children attending.
  • Aftercare and TV room security – Burglar Bars for the after care centre and the TV room of the Ceres Team.
  • Day trip to Cape Town – Both the women and the men have stated that they would really love to go on a day trip somewhere. The men have decided that they want to go to Cape Town harbour to see how the fruit and containers are loaded on the ships. Thereafter they would like to go and watch rugby at Newlands. The women have decided to go to the Aquarium in the Waterfront. They have decided to not include the children in this day trip to save costs.

Klein Parys

  • Créche – The development and upliftment of pre-school children, intellectually, mentally and physically. The supporting and stimulating of learners after school.


  • Upgrade Training Facility – The Lushof farm community has identified the upgrading of their training facility as a priority for funding from The Waitrose Foundation. The existing training facility is in a state of disrepair and not conducive for training. The facility will also be used for literacy training thanks to the governments ABET literacy scheme. Furthermore the facility will be used as computer training centre and an after school care centre for school children.
  • Youth Squash Development – The main aim of this project is to uplift the children through teaching them to play squash. This will give them opportunities to develop positive attitudes and good self-images while developing healthy bodies and minds. We hope to involve them in the sport for the rest of their lives so that they are less inclined towards all the negative temptations and their energies are channelled into something positive. There are many opportunities for them to participate in tournaments, meet people from other areas and travel to new places – generally to broaden their horizons. The whole experience will give the children a sense of self-worth and hopefully lead to a more rounded, positive people who can contribute to their community in a positive way. The ultimate goal is to build Squash Courts on Lushof Farm so that the whole community can benefit from this project.
  • Sport Facility Upgrade – The setting up of sporting facilities for the use of the farming community.
  • Karate Project – The project aims to encourage and support high achievement in sporting activities with the hope that it influences other areas of the personal and family lives of the workers and their children. 1 adult and 3 youth members will have the opportunity to participate in a national karate championship and benefit from the experience.


  • Créche – The day to day running of the crèche that is situated on Plumwood Farm for the benefit of farm workers as well as their children during working hours. The project will also make provision for school going children to be attended whilst their parents are at work during season time.


  • Establishment of 3 Media Centres –  Staff literacy is as the most fundamental need on all the farms and has been prioritised as the most pressing requirement. The success of these centres is dependent on the appointment of a facilitator who will both motivate and address the on-going needs of the students.
  • Development/Equipment of Community Centre (Eikebos) – This centre will be used as the Media Centre, Training Facility as well as the community centre for all staff that work on either Ceder Fruit Farm or Eikebos.
  • Timberlea Media Centre Transport – The Media Centre can easily accommodate 8 – 10 learners at a time and has several computers, with Internet. It is currently fully operational addressing both the needs of the adult learners – (English, Afrikaans and Mathematics literacy) as well as the needs of all school going children living on the farm. The facility urgently needs to be extended so that it can be attended by the children of the workers living in Kyamandi and in Franschhoek (Bo-Plaas). The provision of transport services will be for the children living in these 2 areas, so that the facility can be used by all children whose parents are employed by Timberlea Farm.
  • Completion of Media Centre (Pruimboskloof) – The plan is that the Media Centre will be used as the Training Facility for all training as well as the venue for the children to do their homework and for additional educational training to take place.
  • Completion of Media Centre (Bosrivier) – The Wendy House to be used as the Media Centre, was erected on Bosrivier towards the end of 2008. There is the urgent need to equip it fully so that it can be used functionally as the media centre.
  • Playground on Ceder & Eikebos, PBK & Wyzersdrift and Bosrivier – The children need a safe area to play in, where they feel safe and the parents know where they are. They also need an area where they can interact with the other children living on the farm. There is currently minimal stimulation for the children. A play park on each of the two farms would make a huge difference to the social interaction of the children.
  • Timberlea Sports Day – Timberlea Farm would like to organise a Sports Day for all the workers & children from Timberlea, Bosrivier, Pruimboskloof, Wyzersdrift, Eikebos as well as Ceder Fruit Farms. The workers from all these farms are 40% shareholders in Bokkeveld (Pty) Ltd and there is therefore a need to create long term relationships. It is envisaged that by having an inter-farm sports day, team spirit will be built, comradeship will be developed and it would really be great to ‘get to know each other’.
  • Knitting Forum (Bosrivier) – The ladies living on Bosrivier are very keen to put a knitting group together. It is envisaged that this project will start as a group of ladies knitting basic garments e.g. scarves and blankets. The project is seen as the start of developing the community centre on Bosrivier.
  • Aquarium Visit –  To provide the children who regularly attend the Media Centre at Timberlea and Bokkeveld Farms, the experience of visiting the aquarium at the Cape Town Waterfront – to expose them to an educational trip to the Cape Town Aquarium where in addition to the self-guided tour, they will attend a talk on keeping the beach clean.
  • Netball Teams (Timberlea) – As a result of the Sports Day, Timberlea has entered 3 teams in the Wynland Netball League – two senior teams and one junior team. They urgently need netball outfits with the Timberlea logo, netball balls, netball posts and a netball trainer.
  • Soccer Teams (Timberlea) – As a result of the Sports Day, Timberlea has entered a soccer team in the Wynland Soccer League. They urgently need soccer outfits including soccer boots, socks & tracksuits with the Timberlea logo displayed, soccer balls, bags, water bottles, First Aid Box. They also need assistance with transport costs to matches.
  • Educational tour (Ceder) – The aim of the project is to give the workers an awareness of the negative impact of alcohol and drug abuse on their lives. To give them a better understanding of the reality of an unhealthy lifestyle, to let them view the facilities used in the life cycle of fruit once it has left the farm, to make them aware of how important it is to preserve our heritage and to give them a recreational day – one that will have an impact on their lives.
  • Rugby Team (Ceder) –  As a result of the Sports Day, the Waitrose Foundation Committee approached senior management for allocation of ground to be used as a rugby field. Funds are now needed to equip the team, build the rugby field and put in the infrastructure needed to maintain the field.
  • Creative Ladies (Ceder) – The ladies on Ceder Fruit Farms need to develop their skills – they need to have a meaningful pastime whereby they can produce garments for their families. Most of them are currently unable to knit. By learning this skill, their self- esteem, self-worth, as well as self-image will be developed. The project will also enable them to beautify their homes as well as enhance their creative skills.
  • Anna Foundation Programme (Timberlea) – The Anna Foundation implements the 3R’s – Reading, Running and Right-ing based on a philosophy of holistic development of children. It is specifically targeted at community level and aims to service disadvantaged rural communities – it is designed to empower the children with life-long skills and values.
  • Community Centre (Ceder) – The second phase of the project entails the installation of a stove, URN, Fridge, Microwave, Crockery and Cutlery. In addition there is a current problem with the waterproofing of the one wall. This needs to be addressed ASAP before there is damage to the equipment inside.
  • Weekend Workshop (Ceder) – This workshop aims to achieve the following: to develop community spirit be creating an open communication channel between all the workers, to make everyone aware of how important the individual is and how we affect each other by our actions, to create a sense of synergy in the community both socially and within the workplace, to create an awareness of integrity, trustworthiness as well as honesty in the community, to identify leadership among the workers, to make everyone aware of how important it is to have both ownership of your actions as well as loyalty to your friends, to motivate the community to upgrade their standard of living, to make everyone aware of what The Waitrose Foundation offers them and to encourage entrepreneurialism amongst workers – especially the youth living on the farm.
  • Needlework Project (Pruimboskloof) – There is a big need for the ladies living on Pruimboskloof and Wyzersdrift to have an outside interest. They are very keen to setup a sewing forum, creating garments for themselves, their children and ultimately making the uniforms for the farm. Due to the steep learning curve required and in order to make the project effective, the budget will need to include training.
  • Gardening Project (Pruimboskloof) – The children living on Pruimboskloof & Wyzersdrift need to be kept occupied in a meaningful way – they need to have a sense of self-worth. By creating a gardening project on the farm, it will assist the families as fresh vegetables will be produced for staff consumption.
  • Improvements to Media Centre (Pruimboskloof) – Certain maintenance needs to be done on the building – minor alterations and improvements needed.
  • Soccer Field & Community Centre (Bosrivier) – There is a high degree of the misuse of alcohol and physical abuse over weekends. It is believed that these frustrations are as a result of boredom. In addition, the workers are very keen supporters of both rugby and soccer. Currently there is no facility on the farm for them to either participate in or to watch sport over the weekend. There is also a very big need to provide the workers with a venue where they can watch the 2010 Soccer games. By providing them with both a soccer field and a community centre with a TV, it should contribute to the upliftment of the community – it should assist with developing team spirit on the farm as well as a self-worth amongst the staff.
  • Transport Costs (Bosrivier) – The workers would like to attend church on a Sunday in Ceres. Currently taxi costs are very expensive. The workers would also like to be able to attend social functions that are held at the Witzenberg Valley Training Centre and other functions like sporting events held at the local school.
  • ABET Graduation Ceremony (Ceder) – The graduation ceremony will serve to keep the present students motivated and to motivate students that still need to finish their studies.
  • Construction of Soccer Field (Timberlea) –Timberlea is situated in Stellenbosch on very hilly ground. There is currently no flat ground available for a soccer field. There is an urgent need for a recreational field to be used for soccer/athletics/rugby/sporting activities/functions etc.
  • Outing to Kleinmond (Bosrivier) – This project is an opportunity for workers that have never been to the sea before to experience it for the first time. It is vital for all people to be given the chance to relax and take part in recreational activities. This outing will lead to greater cohesion and acceptance being experienced in the work place by everyone. the fact that something special is being arranged would also contribute to a positive attitude toward the employees work. Materials on the sea, the coast and the marine food webs will be sent to the Media Centre on Bosrivier, where the facilitator will educate the children on these topics.
  • Lifeskills Youth Camp (Timberlea) – There is a strong need for children between the ages of 10 and 18 to feel accepted by the community. This is a stage where children start acting rebelliously and are influenced by negative peer pressure. the objective of this camp is to ensure that children are motivated and educated in such a way as to keep on the right path. It is of the utmost importance for the children to be taught that they are extremely valuable in their community and that they are the future of their community. They need to realise they have a responsibility to take care of themselves and that they are the ones responsible for their own future. The aim of the camp is to teach them to live a positive life and how to say no to the negative influences they are exposed to on a daily basis.
  • Robben Island Outing (Timberlea) – All staff on Timberlea would like to visit Robben Island – to view the history and heritage of their own past. They would also like to identify with the fruit (their own) at the harbour which they would also like to visit to see where it goes.
  • Installation of Internet (Ceder) – There is the urgent need for the facilitator on Ceder Fruit Farms to have access to the internet in order to do research and to develop herself. There is also a need for her to have email access so that she can communicate with the facilitator on Timberlea Farm. The Media Centre is situated 1km from the nearest telephone which makes communication extremely difficult.
  • Construction of Rugby/Soccer Field on Ceder – There is a very keen rugby team on Ceder Fruit Farms who would dearly love to have their own field. The proposal is to build a field with the dual purpose of also being used for soccer. All athletic functions would also make use of this facility.
  • Remuneration Media Facilitator (Timberlea) – The Timberlea Media Centre has been operational since July 2008. To date – the facilitator’s salary was paid by Timberlea Farm. The current facilitator has resigned and a new appointment has been made. The proposal is for her salary to be paid by The Foundation.
  • Lifeskills Camp for Children (Pruimboskloof) – The project proposal is to take 15 children from Pruimboskloof on a weekend camp which will have a strong focus on educating the children on the importance of respect, discipline and instilling a sense of self value and esteem. The children will be given the opportunity to realise how important they are to the community they live in and that each one of them plays a key role. Emphasis will be on the role they play within the community, within their families and within the school. The aim of the camp is to teach them to live a positive life and how to say no to the negative influences they deal with on a daily basis.
  • Payment of School Fees (Timberlea) – To date, Timberlea Farm has assisted with the payment of school fees for all children whose parents work on the farm, but this has been limited to a level of the fees that are levied by pupils attending fully state funded schools. The project proposal is to request the Waitrose Foundation to pay the school fees for all children whose parents or legal guardians work on the farm, which will include fees to attend former Model C type schools. This will free up Timberlea to sponsor an additional full time teacher at Rietenbosch Primary School which is attended by the majority of the children of parents employed by Timberlea Farm. (approximately 30)
  • Opening of Rugby Field at Ceder Fruit Farms – Ceder Fruit Farms have invited Timberlea Farm, Bosrivier and Pruimboskloof to join them for the opening of their rugby field. The workers from all these farms are 40% shareholders in Bokkeveld (Pty) Ltd and there is therefore a need to create long term relationships. It is envisaged by having this event, team spirit will be built, comradeship will be developed and it would really be great to ‘to get to know each other’. It would also be the ideal opportunity to show workers on the other farms what the workers on CEDER have achieved.
  • Woodwork Project (Pruimboskloof) – Currently the farm manager employs contractors to remove black wattle on the farms. It is now envisaged that the permanent workers from both Pruimboskloof and Wyzersdrift will carry out this task. They have committed to performing this work in their spare time with no remuneration until funds become available from the sale of the wood. They plan to work 3 weekends a month.
  • Chess Project (Timberlea) – There is a very active group of 15 – 20 children on Timberlea Farm that enjoy playing chess. The farm has entered a chess team which will compete against other schools in Stellenbosch. This will give the players the experience that is necessary for development. The aim is also to have chess tournaments against other Waitrose Farms. The possibility exists to arrange the first competition against Monteith in Grabouw. In order to participate in the chess matches, transport is going to be needed to take the children to the matches.
  • Upgrade of Timberlea Media Centre – The number of children attending the Timberlea Media Centre has doubled from last year. In 2013 we had an average of 16 children attending on a daily basis. We now have 30. We need to provide an additional 5 computers for the children to learn to type, to use Microsoft Office and to provide educational stimulation. We need to teach the children to become completely computer literate – whilst at the same time having strict control as to which sites they access on the Internet.
  • Development & Equipping of Community Centre on Eikebos  – This centre will be used as the Media Centre, Training Facility as well as the community centre for all staff that work on either Ceder Fruit Farm or Eikebos.


  • Holiday programme for school children – Holiday programme for school going children during December 2013, involving them in constructive arts and sports activities. 25 – 30 children will benefit from the project. A facilitator will provide a holiday plan for the holiday. She will involve them in planned educational and fun activities.
  • Community Hall – Equipping the community hall with enough chairs & tables will improve the use of the hall by different community groups. For example women and youth groups can arrange regular events and programmes that can contribute to community involvement and interaction. The junior tables and chairs for the children will ensure that the June Holiday Programme has greater success as children will be inspired by their new furniture and be more comfortable during certain activities.
  • Netball Project – The aim of the project is to improve the attitude and professionalism of the Saratoga Netball Team by buying netball clothes and balls. The properly dressed netball team can proudly represent their farm. This will create opportunity for improved community involvement through attending games. Children will be watching their mother play and that can serve as encouragement for children to also practice a sport.
  • Rugby Project – The aim of the project is to improve the attitude and professionalism of the Saratoga Rugby Team by buying rugby clothes and balls. The properly dressed rugby team can proudly represent their farm. This will create opportunity for improved community involvement through attending games. Children will be watching their father play and that can serve as encouragement for children to also practice a sport.
  • After Care – 20 – 25 children of different age groups, in primary and high school will benefit from class rooms that are specifically allocated and equipped to function as an after school centre. They will have private space to complete their homework and projects. They are currently using the community hall that does not provide the environment that students need. The aftercare rooms will also be able to accommodate the CAMI programme that the Foundation offers to member farms. This programme will add more value to the centre.


  • Musical Instruments – A lot of farm workers want to learn to play a musical instrument for recreational purposes. The instruments could further be utilised during fundraising and church events.
  • Upgrade of Crèche – We are upgrading the playground for the community and the children in the crèche. The existing frame will be painted and recovered. A drywall will be build to isolate the kitchen. A fold up partition will be acquired for the sleep area. Upgrading of the swings. Build of see-saw. Doing tile work on the floor.
  • Crèche – Running Costs – Most of the farm women can’t work because they have to look after preschool children. They want to work because it helps their families financially, give them some independence and they enjoy being part of the farm activities. A crèche would allow the children to learn activities and to be better adjusted when they go to the primary school. It will enable families to more financially healthy. The crèche will be beneficial for children in teaching children to play and learn together.
  • Leadership Programme – The project intent to educate the community members about enhancing each individual’s self-awareness and self- esteem. This will help the community make the correct choices as leaders in the community. The programme aims to stimulate critical creative thinking by means of teambuilding, discipline and motivation, personal and leadership development. 54 members of the community will participate in various teambuilding, fun and adventure activities. A structured programme will be facilitated by Wilgewandel Holiday Farm.
  • Sport & Recreation – The project aims to provide the community, both adults and children with access to sporting equipment and satellite television channels. The sport equipment will enable adults and children to engage in sport activities over weekends. The DSTV will allow adults to enjoy rugby, soccer and cricket matches together.
  • School Holiday Programme – To engage 25 school going children for 1 week during June and December 2012 school holidays in constructive sport and arts activities.