In September 2011 we opened the doors of our crèche and Katco has never been the same!!! From the far corner of the premises, you can hear the happy sounds of children’s voices, scooters racing and lots of fun. Finally the Katco staff has peace of mind: their children are well looked after in a safe and nourishing environment whilst they are at work.

The crèche admits children from 2-5 years old and provides 2 balanced meals and 2 snacks throughout the day. For a lot of children, this is a lot more than what they receive at home and we notice their general health condition improving. The clinic sister also visits the crèche and keeps an eye on the children’s health.
The first few months were a learning curve with 20 children and establishing a routine for the children, school and staff. We realized transport is a problem for a lot of parents because now they have to pay taxi fares for themselves and their children.

January started with a BANG. 65 children enrolled and we also provide transport to and from the school. It was a daunting task to get the routes to school sorted out and which child has to go on which route. The dedicated staff worked very hard and took the growing pains, like flat tyres and sick drivers in their stride.
With the end of the first term in sight we look back at a busy first term. The children are settled and already benefiting from the nourishing meals they receive and all the Tender Love and Care.

The crèche staff receives on-going training from the principal and also from outside people who are experts in a certain field. They also receive first aid training from the clinic sister. Parent meetings are held every quarter.
What a privilege it is to be part of this. Thank you to the Waitrose Foundation, Katco Management and to the dedicated staff at the Thuthuzela Crèche – you are all instruments in God’s hands, helping to give our children a better future.

~ Written by Heleen le Roux, Project Coordinator, Katco ~