It was a rather festive event on the day that this milestone project was launched. The workers were all elated at their new acquirement. Johanna Amos (trustee) said that if anyone had told her a couple of years ago that she would be a land owner she would not have believed it, yet today she is a proud land owner.

The Bokkeveld Trust Pty (Ltd) consists of 2 worker trusts totalling 320 Beneficiaries. The trust now has 40% ownership of land, this 40% equates to 900ha of land transferred of which 130ha is producing fruit. The 130ha has 210 000 trees planted and it yields 6 500 tons of fruit. An amount of R14,5m was granted by the Department of Land Affairs towards the project.

Roy Jeffery, owner says: “My hope is that with this new partnership where 90% of our employees are also owners, and together with the other 10% who continue to demonstrate commitment to our business, we will be able to achieve higher levels of efficiency on all factors (production – volume, quality, efficiency, wastage and productivity) that are within our control.”