Saturday, 31st March 2012 is printed in the lives of the community of Vrisgewaagd. The excitement to attend this life enriching programme and the possibility of rain the Friday preceding the event, will last in the memories of adults and children. We give thanks to our Heavenly Father who knew how important this day was for us. We departed 04h30 and arrived 07h30 at the Wilgewandel in Oudtshoorn.

The programme was facilitated by the manager. We were served with breakfast and thereafter started with a suitable walking trail to experience the nature and beauty of the Klein Karoo.

The programme focused on understanding and living out values that are important to build our self esteem as members of a community and to improve our decision making. We learnt about 5 basic, biblical values that can help us to live our daily lives to the fullest and add value to the community of Vrisgewaagd. We learnt that with:

  • Faith -we can achieve our vision to achieve growth and development. We must have passion and be positive at all times. We need to trust each other to achieve our common goal.
  • Patience -we will allow others to get to the pace where some of us are who learn quickly. We must be calm and should not act impulsively, that can scare off those who are still adapting to change.
  • Respect -you must show respect towards fellow community members, both adults and children.
  • Determination -with hard work and perseverance we can achieve success.
  • Bravery -we are all leaders and as individuals we must always look at the challenges in our community and come up with creative and innovative solutions to address those that can hinder our growth and development.

Other activities included teaching people different cooking methods, the traditional use of plants as medicine and a treasure hunt. Each family participated as a team and was given the opportunity to search for treasures. Certificates were issued to those who could find their treasures in the shortest period of time.

The children enjoyed having fun and played a variety of games organized by the facilitator.

The programme brought us closer together as a community. This was also an opportunity for some members of the community to go outside the borders of Prince Albert for the first time in their lives.

We want to thank the farm management and the Foundation for contributing to the development of workers and their families at Vrisgewaagd.

~ Written by Lindie Fortuin, Project Coordinator, Vrisgewaagd ~