I am Allison Abrahams, a 17 year old student of De Rust Futura Academy. It is my final year at high school and my goal is to finish matric and just to do my best.

My invitation of going overseas was a blessing. An opportunity of a life time I proclaim. I was excited to go overseas because I have never been overseas before.
The trip was an exchange trip and involved excellent, brilliant and brave students. Everyone in my class was nominated but only a few were successful by the sorting of their personalities, academic level and leadership profile, I think.

We went to Kungalv in Sweden. The journey to Sweden included seeing places, meeting people and experiencing some great things. Communication was the key in making everything happen. I found that the Swedish people are quite serious people but they smiled and welcomed you in their country. I thought the people were going to be more stately and would be living in kingdoms – but the trip changed my perspectives. I REALIZED IT WAS IRONIC, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’….just read it and find out for yourself.
Since coming back from the trip I told myself that I have to work harder – get educated and study hard. Life is short and can be tough and I need to do something that will make me stand out. I must reach my goal with love, respect and peace. Even if you have a good self–esteem, self–confidence and are honest, you must make sure you keep it up and don’t forget your qualities. What makes life worth living is when you see what you’ve worked hard for – do it for God.

About the Foundation Media Centre project on the farm Allison writes:
It is a privilege to be part of the Media Centre at the farm. The Media Centre is an advantage for my skills in computer programming. A helping source of information. Cyberspace is nice when you are a user.

It means to me ‘UBUNTU’ – because a human is a human through somebody else. Helping and supporting others is exactly the heart of the Media Centre especially in education. Education is important and it is a key to success.

If you are educated you can communicate, debate, distinguish – it is a privilege to be able to make wise decisions and to live responsibly.

~ Allison Abrahams, Vuki (Grabouw) ~