The following is a summary of all running and past projects that the Waitrose Foundation is working with in the Western Cape Province.

Current Projects

Cederberg Cellar

  • Soccer Field  There is a big need for a soccer field on the farm which will have a dual purpose: the workers will be able to play soccer and other types of sport on the field after hours and weekends thus creating opportunities for alternative and constructive activities for adults of Cederberg and neighbouring farms. The children on the farm can also use the field during school holidays for structured and supervised activities.
  • Family Fun Day The family fun day is being arranged to raise awareness of the importance of family relationships and learn relevant skills that can improve these relationships. Men and women will participate in workshops relating to their roles in the family structure while children/youth will be exposed to music and sport activities. 75 Adults and 100 children/youth will benefit from this project.

Past Projects

Cederberg Cellar

  • Community Centre The community centre is an addition to the existing school building which will be used for several purposes: A crèche, a place of worship, a meeting place, concerts and a place to do arts & crafts. It will also be used for skills development and for the monthly mobile clinic visits. A small office for two teachers, as well as a kitchen and toilets will also form part of the addition.
  • Holiday Programme There is a growing need to involve the 49 children/youth on the farm in constructive activities during their school holiday. This will not only contribute to their enjoyment and personal development but also offer a healthy alternative to other anti-social behaviour and activities.