The Women’s Club of Naudeshof received an invitation from De Doorns Municipality and joined the celebrations at the F.J. Conradie Primary School in De Doorns.

The theme for the day was the Rights of Women with a focus on:

  • Domestic violence presented by Constable Libby Swartz from De Doorns Police Services
  • Alcohol and Substance abuse in the family presented by Mrs Julie Hartog from Orchard Primary school
  • Marriage counselling information presented by Pastor Morris from Worcester

The feedback from the Naudeshof Women’s club is that they enjoyed the outing to F.J. Conradie and found the information presented on the day very useful and valuable.

Katrina Lottering said the following about the day: “I have learnt a lot and received contact numbers because prior to this session you did not know where to or who to contact when in need”

Anne Markeson: “I have learnt a lot at my age today about women’s rights, today’s women are privileged to know their rights because when we were young we were not educated about women’s rights”.

~ Written by Jessica Swartz, Project Coordinator Naudeshof ~