On the 28 April 2012 farm workers of Zwartbooisberg hosted a culture day to honour the differences amongst two ethnic groups existing in their farming community. Culture encompasses the similarities and the difference among people including beliefs, knowledge, values and tradition.

The aim of the event was to create a sense of belonging amongst community members and to acknowledge the difference between cultural groups. Further to this the worker committee wants the children of Zwartbooisberg to explore these elements of society to develop an appreciation of and respect for human cultures.

Mariana Visagie, coordinator of the event, says the success of the day laid the foundation to further strengthen the relationship and feeling of belonging amongst community members.

The members of the worker committee wants to extend their appreciation to the community for their participation and the farm management for their generous support in making this day a memorable event in the lives of Zwartbooisberg workers and their families.

~ Written by Liza van Zyl, Project Coordinator, Orex ~