Waitrose Foundation At Work

Family Wellness at Sonop Farm, Patensie, Eastern Cape

APRIL 2022

On 11 and 12 March this year a team from the Waitrose Foundation visited Sonop farm in the Eastern Cape for a follow up session after an initial visit by Raymond Engelbrecht (Manager - Farm Support) in 2021. The focus was on facilitating sessions with the farm workers and their children over that weekend on the Friday and Saturday. The activities were essentially demonstrations to the farm workers and their children of the proposed Family Wellness Programme which they are in the process of deciding on launching on the farm along with the Foundation.

The methods used during these very productive, creative and fun sessions were predominantly experiential in nature, incorporating activity-based and interactive learning rather than the lecturing of content. The farm workers and their children had the opportunity to experience various elements of the programme. We look forward to moving forward with this project and a very exciting and valuable process for all involved.