Waitrose Foundation At Work

Education and COVID19

July 2020

During the month of June there has been a gradual reopening of schools across South Africa after the complete shutdown of educational facilities since March due to COVID-19. For many learners especially in rural areas, without access to the internet and therefore regular online assistance from teachers, continuing with homeschooling was a challenge. There has been an urgency to reopen schools in order for learners to continue their education, but the concerns for their safety have been front of mind.

Waitrose Foundation’s Manager of Education and Training Support, Hilda Links, have been in regular online and telephonic contact with aftercare facilitators and educators on our partner farms across South Africa to offer assistance with the process of readiness for reopening of educational facilities. Training and meetings have been conducted through various online channels during lockdown.

We commend school principals and teachers in South Africa who have worked extremely hard to make sure their facilities are ready to receive learners while at the same time adhering to very strict safety protocols. These images of head masters at partner schools were received from the Kaross Foundation / Group 91 Uitvoer in the Limpopo Province.