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The importance of Quality Care at Creche facilities – Dasdrif, Moorreesburg


We received an update from Dasdrif farm's Creche in Moorreesburg, Western Cape. We recently reported about the newly elected farm workers committee that received training in a two day workshop, attended by Waitrose Foundation Regional Coordinator, Eleanor Louw.

We've also received an update on progress at the Dasdrif Creche. The new creche was completed by the end of 2020. Two staff members (Sofie and Sara) were appointed and Ezone Marais became principal in January 2021. Lee-Ann joined the team during the 2020/2021 packing season. A new logo and name for the creche will still be unveiled.

On average the creche accommodated 10 babies between the ages of 6 months and 3 years during the mornings. When schools reopened, the older children also came to the creche after school hours and those who did not attend school would spend the day at the creche. The kids are assisted with their homework during the afternoons. Waitrose Foundation funding will be allocated to new projects, including a feeding scheme where the aim is to assist with breakfasts and lunches for the kids at the creche.