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Aganang is ‘pushing boundaries’

January 2019

Aganang is ‘pushing boundaries’

The Aganang Oranjedal Project still actively works towards accomplishing its vision of empowered women, empowering local communities whilst also generating additional income for its members. “Molly Dolly” is a doll designed and manufactured by the ladies, expressing their belief in ‘giving back’ - investing in others because someone invested in their development. The project responded to the need of an NGO in Kakamas, Northern Cape for dolls that they wish to distribute amongst girls who need toys.

The “Molly Doll” also created an opportunity for the project to explore alternative markets through an exhibition. Amplified Africa invited Aganang to exhibit all their products at an event in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. This opportunity confirmed that the women and their project have the potential to grow beyond their current personal, organisational and geographic boundaries.